Product Engineering Services, Product Engineering Solutions

Techwave’s global expertise and experience in Engineering Design services supports and facilitates various delivery methods which will create a greater value for your business. Our specialized services can considerably speed up new tool launchings and maximizes gains across various projects. Our objectives align with your business needs and our one-stop shop approach focuses on cost effective services and customer satisfaction at every level.
Our Robust processes together with industry standards ITIL, ISO27001, CMMi and ISO9001 ensure better cost efficiency and accelerated market delivery.

We aim at:

  • Risk Reduction & Productivity Enhancement
  • Aligning Engineering Services with IT
  • Lower Total cost of Ownership (TCO)

Enterprise Information Management Services, Enterprise Information Management Strategy

Techwave’s Enterprise Information Management (EIM) practice effectively addresses the Information Management challenges providing a comprehensive outcome oriented solution approach. EIM services provide a platform to transform raw data into actionable information and insight thereby enabling strategic, tactical and operational decision making for any organization.
Consultation Services
  • End-to-End EIM consulting Assessment
  • Database Architecture Assessment
  • MDM Assessment
  • Data Governance Assessment
  • Upgrades and Migration Assessment
  • EIM Strategy & Roadmap
  • Big Data Advisory Services
  • Technology Evaluation
  • Proof of Concept & Piloting
Key Differentiators
  • In-depth experience in DW/BI tools
  • Partnership with leading vendors—IBM, SAP, Microsoft, Oracle, Tableau, Qlikview
  • Dedicated Center of Excellence (CoE) for Data Integration, Business Intelligence
  • Specialized delivery methodology and best practices
  • Solution accelerators, customizable solutions and frameworks to increase productivity and decrease total cost of implementation

Enterprise Performance Management Services, Enterprise Performance Management Solutions

Integrate collaboratively using our iEPM Solutions
Today’s business demand solutions, that bring-in data, processes and analytics together to help the company make better decisions to catch up with rapid changes. Our integrated Enterprise Performance Management (iEPM) delivers market leading solutions and applications for companies of any size to bridge the gap. Our iEPM solutions not only cover everything from planning, budgeting and forecasting and financial consolidation, but also connects with your organization by integrating deep into your business to drive predictable performance reports with confidence.
Our team of Certified EPM Experts, will help you articulate, seamlessly integrate & implement an end-to-end iEPM strategy customized to your needs.

Enterprise Performance Management Services
  • Enterprise wide EPM Strategy
  • Integrated Planning
  • Financial Planning
  • Business Planning
  • Consolidation
  • Forecasting
  • Profitability & Cost Management
  • Strategy Management
  • Supply Chain Performance Management


Key Differentiators
Our EPM services and solutions positively impact our clients’ strategy, profitability, cost management, business planning, financial consolidation, spend and supply chain. We integrate technology and product portfolio with the people, ecosystem partners, and apply best practices specifically designed to drive business performance, manage risk and optimize the financial value chain.
Our solutions address all the constituent parts of an EPM system—reporting and analysis, reference data, source systems, and applications, that we link with an information hub or a data warehouse.
Techwave partners with leading EPM technology providers and has a proven track record of implementing closed loop Performance Management Solutions.

BPO Services Provider, Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Services & Solutions | Techwave

Techwave BPO delivers strategic Business Process Outsourcing Services (BPO services) providing end-to-end support for the CFOs. We make our clients’ financial functions lean and efficient through automation and agile technologies that are completely driven by Metrics.

CFOs’ across the globe have one goal in common, to create a best in class finance organization that drives business strategy and fuels revenue growth. To achieve this goal, Finance & Accounting process needs to be aligned with CFO goals and overall company’s growth plan.
Techwave’s comprehensive end-to-end support for CFO offices add significant value to business which makes us a strategic asset to our clients. Our solutions can integrate into any ERP systems/tools. We make our clients’ financial functions lean and efficient through automation and agile technologies that are completely driven by Metrics. We approach clients’ vision of creating stable process in Finance & Accounting with innovation, agility and transparency.

BPO services – We add value to our clients

  • We understand CFOs’ needs in achieving their business goals with our tailor made solutions
  • Using our expert knowledge we seamlessly deliver the process outcomes
    Continuous innovation and transformation team always eye for process improvement opportunities
  • Integrated Technology and Consulting approach delivers the best in class client experience
  • Multiple options of engagements based on the need of the clients

Customer Relationship Management Services, CRM Consulting, CRM Solutions | Techwave

Techwave’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) services help businesses to earn customer satisfaction & loyalty by implementing customer-centric processes.

Furnishing a solid CRM foundation is no easy task. Companies must not only identify the best CRM, but must also employ effective change management aproach to align their people and processes with customer relationship goals. Techwave’s CRM practice possesses eloquent experience implementing CRM solutions in number of industries around the world. We can help your company on a broad range of CRM priorities, from sales management to marketing automation to customer support and service. These services range from strategic in nature (broad strategy and consulting), to detailed technology deployment, to vertical-specific solutions. There are some providers that cover the full spectrum of these services, while most will focus on only one or two types of services.

Key Differentiators

  • Business process oriented approach for CRM
  • Implement best practices
  • End-to-End IT service provider and system integration partner
  • Value add – Analytics & Digital offerings

Digital Services, Digital Business Solutions, Digital Strategy Services | Techwave

Our digital business technology consulting services offer most innovative business transformation strategies through customer experience platform. Our Digital business consulting services refers to the use of Digital Technology for advisory and consulting services that enable organizations to disrupt and reinvent current enterprise business models, existing industry business models.

“Digital business consulting services” refers to the use of Digital Technology for advisory and consulting services that enable organizations to:

  • Disrupt and reinvent current enterprise business models
  • Disrupt existing industry business models
  • Reinvent adaptable business processes to leverage IoT
  • Enable employees to act on business moments
  • Enable information as a key corporate asset, second only to customer focus
  • Provide the necessary bridge to implementation via proof of concept (POC), organizational readiness assessments, implementation planning and identifying digital leadership

Big Data Analytics Services, Big Data Solutions – TechWave

Overview Of Big Data Analytics Services 

Techwave’s Big Data service offerings has been delivering value to its clients through smart data insights that have been helping clients with increased revenue options, higher marketing impact, lower costs and winning them loyal and happy customers.

In the current scenario, there is no standard methodology for data security for analytics engagement. Also, the client has the fear of exposing the data to 3rd party or competitor and has inhibitions in engaging a new partner. Techwave uses special IPs and secured cluster approach for data anonymity, so that clients get a guaranteed security.

In many instances, getting data is difficult or insufficient. In such cases, the delivery of analytics is dependent only on the quality of the data available. Techwave takes a step further to ensure that the client leverages best practices in data extrapolation to improve the quality of data used. The outcome of such an activity increases the quality of analytic and will highlight the risks.

In the real world, clients do not need just analysis but they need analytics that can mitigate risks, demonstrate tangibles and show the best practices. Usually this kind of data generation requires a long gestation period for value delivery and even so, it will have very limited clarity on value definition. Techwave not only accelerates the value delivery form months to weeks, but also provides clarity on the expected deliverables.

Why Do You Need Expert Data Analytics 

  • Implementation of a DATA quality initiative can lead to 20% to 40% increase in sales
  • 57% increase in customer satisfaction in a company that has high-quality business-driven data
  • 53% companies have suffered losses due to problems or costs due to poor quality data
  • Average cost of data quality is 20% of overall business process costs

How We Do It

Data from various sources is culled including textual data from social media and investigations. Structured data is collected from CRM, claims and policies, audio and video data is collected from call centers and customer interactions. Also, we mine the existing data warehouse. This data is then validated, co-related, refined and secured to offer valuable business intelligence insights and big data analytics to clients.