Consumer Packaged Goods & Services Industry

Consumer Goods manufacturers face challenges throughout the product cycle; managing effective and efficient flow of tons of raw-material, adjusting with increasing costs, improving profits and customer satisfaction through innovation; amidst increasing retailer power and changing consumer preferences. While innovative technologies are mostly used for driving consumer engagement, manufacturers also focus on improving processes and achieving operational efficiencies to improve profitability.
Our CPG services brings in a unique combination of industry best practices, technology expertise and global reach to create long term outsourced capabilities. Our solution consulting framework for co-innovation is supplemented with the right values and a commitment to excel-thereby ensuring predictability and reliability for our clients.
Manufacturers these days are faced with ever shifting consumer demands, shorter product lifecycles, increasing clout of retailers along with competition from various private labels and imported products. Manufacturers invest in innovative solutions to understand, anticipate and respond to current and potential consumers, in order to grow the relationship value. From sales and marketing to customer service, our solution portfolio helps manufacturers to consolidate views of the market, competitors, brand, retailers and customers.
  •  Sales force automation
  • Brand management
  • Customer value analytics
  •  Campaign management
  • Trade planning and promotion management
  • Customer loyalty management

Author: techwaveconsulting

Techwave is a US multinational company headquartered in Exton, PA, offering services in Application Development Management, Engineering Services, IT Infrastructure Management, Digital, Big Data Analytics, BPO Services, Customer Relationship Management, Enterprise Information Management, Enterprise Performance Management, EPM Services, EIM Services, ERP Services, Enterprise Resource Planning, Enterprise Resource Planning Services, Web Application Development, Big Data Analytics, Big Data Analytics Services, Big Data, Business Process Outsourcing, Cloud services, Financial Services, Retail Industry Services, Logistics Services, Life sciences Services. For more info visit

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